I like to think that my time spent in the summer with my grandparents was some of the best ever.  Over many summers, my grandma taught me how to cook, sew, quilt, churn butter and a host of other things.  But I think one of the most important things she taught me was to never stop learning.  She always encouraged me to read and try new things.  “Learn how to make do with what you have.” she said.  She always meant that in a positive way.  She was a very spiritual woman with a strong Christian faith.  We aren’t here to debate religion as there are many places for that to occur.  I mention it because her faith made her thankful for all that she had.  In spite of her severe arthritis, she was upbeat and caring, which taught me about thankfulness and perseverance.  My hope is that this forum will allow me to share a small bit of the wisdom that my parents and grandparents have passed along to me, as well encourage others to share wisdom that have acquired in this journey we call life.

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