Save money, pack your own lunch

It is a simple thing.  Pack your own lunch.  For around $2 you can have a sandwich with meat.  Add peanut butter or cheese crackers and you have another $0.25 or so and an apple or banana might be another $0.25.  Oh and drink water.  That’s about half or less than you would pay to eat out at fast food restaurant.  A little planning and preparation can give you a variety over the span of a couple of weeks.  Am I saying avoid fast food?  No.  I choose to for several reasons.  It’s easier to eat healthy when you prepare it yourself.  It’s cheaper!  You can get exactly what you want.

Do I fix my lunch all the time? No.  I like to eat out, but I make a choice to moderate that.  The money I save can go toward debt reduction, building my emergency fund, funds for investment, etc. (yes there will be an entry about these things later)  My grandparents and parents did not have lots of money, but they never wanted for food, clothing or shelter.  They encouraged frugal living and choices not because they had to, but because it was a choice that they made.  I think they taught me by example that you can improve your life one choice at time.

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