Fall into Thanksgiving

Most of the memories of my grandparents and family revolve around food and eating.  I think that has as much do with me liking to eat as it does the fun of a big family gathering.  As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, many are getting ready to host big family get togethers and others are preparing to travel to visit friends and family.  There was always room at my grandparents and parents tables for one more friend or family member.  The theme was always giving thanks for everything that we have.  If you are truly fortunate, you have food, a roof over your head, and family and friends.  If you do, my challenge is to reach outside your comfort zone, just a little, and perhaps donate some time to your local food bank or a soup kitchen.  Maybe even go so far as to extend an invitation to that person at work or maybe next door that always seems to be alone.  The worst is that say no thank you, the best is that you may make a new friend.    Bring meaning and humanity to the season.  That small effort may help you Fall into Thanksgiving.

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