Enjoy Freedom? Thank a Veteran

My dad is one of the “Greatest Generation.”  If you aren’t familiar with the term or why it used, I urge you to do some research.  He served aboard the USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) or the “Pennsy” as her crew refered to her.  Dad never talked about the war unless he was around his 6th Division buddies.  Those few reunions that I was able to attend are fond memories of seeing comrades in arms sharing stories.  They didn’t complain that weren’t getting their due or their fair share.  They work hard.  They play hard.  They LIVE. They are a resilient, persistence, responsible group.  They stand for what is right and good.  Are they perfect?  I daresay anyone of them would laugh and say “Hell no!” to that.  But they try to aim high.

Even though dad never talked about the war when I was growing up, I could see it in his eyes when the flag was flying and we stop and look.  I could see it in the way his posture became straighter when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or singing the Star Spangled Banner.  I am so happy that he has decided to record his remembrances of World War II on video and honored that he asked me to help edit and produce a DVD.

Enjoy Freedom?  Take time today to thank a veteran.  Reach out, shake a hand and give a heartfelt thank you.  Happy #VeteransDay and Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Freedom? Thank a Veteran

  1. Lanette Spikes

    Beautiful thoughts of Cosmo, I can see that posture straighter, the spark in his eyes, what a beautiful memory of him. Thank him for his service thank you too. Love Lanette

  2. rickbraveheart

    What a beautiful and, since my dad was from the same generation, honest tribute Shawn. And, a great reminder to us all to thank those that serve and those that died making our freedom possible. ~Rick


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