Monday morning challenge

Well it’s Monday again.  Hello old friend.  The beginning of another week.  Do you greet the day with joy or despair?  Perhaps something in between?  I sometimes thing that being in that “in between” state is worse than despair.  It’s so…mediocre, so…blah, so…indifferent that no one notices you are there.  Perhaps not even yourself.  Your challenge today and going forward is to wake up and take stock of where am I today.  If it’s not the place you want to be mentally, then take one small action to move closer to the place or mindset that you do want.  Greet someone with a smile.  Say hello to a stranger.  Hold the door for someone.  Help someone with their groceries.

My grandma always said, “If you are feeling bad, then do something nice for someone else.”  Doing something for others is always a quick simple way you can move closer to the mental place you want. So step away from your electronic device and go do something nice!  The challenge awaits!  Have an #AWEsome Monday.


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