Morning Stretch

Well it’s Monday again.  Hello old friend.  The beginning of another week.  This week’s challenge begins with a story.  I had a math teacher in high school that gave tests so hard that anyone rarely  got 100% of the questions correct. I asked why one day after class and what he said has stuck with me all these years, “If I give you a 12 inch ruler to measure a hole in the ground, you only know that it’s at least 12 inches deep, you can never tell how deep it really is.  I can’t tell how much math you have learned if everyone makes 100% on every test.  The test has to be hard enough so that I know what you need to learn.”  Of course being in high school at the time, I really wanted to punch the guy, but now that I have a few years under my belt, I appreciate what he said. Something that is causing you to stretch, to reach, to grow is a good thing.  You need that striving to reach your potential.

If what you do is easy, then I suggest that you need to stretch, try harder, reach higher, set more challenging goals.  What ever it is.  Your work, your relationships, your school, your attitude, your outlook, whatever it is.  You don’t need to go crazy, just make one simple change.  If you find a task easy, then ask yourself, what could I really do if I apply myself?  How can I do better?  Step away from your electronic device and go stretch!  The challenge awaits!  Have an #AWEsome Monday and if you really feel like stretching, leave a comment below and let us all know what you are doing to stretch.

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