A short Christmas story

Trying my hand at a writing for Dave’s 3word challenge:

I was pulling boxes out of the attic and found an old box with a small hole gnawed in one corner.  I shook it gently to see if anything was home, but it was quiet.  Slowly I remove the lid.  A box of cheap plastic ornaments greets me.  A small almost green wreath and a dusty, dirty, gray snowman are lying in a pile of plastic shavings gnawed from other ornaments no longer identifiable. Digging through the shavings I find the small dried body that did all the gnawing. It’s covered in plastic shavings and lying between the cows and sheep in a nativity scene.  It looks  at peace.

3 thoughts on “A short Christmas story

  1. Dave

    I like this. Is it a stand alone tale, or will it be growing with the days? At the moment it feels like it could go either way. 🙂

    1. shawn

      Thanks Dave, I’m not sure at this point either :-), but I think I’ll try spinning the various 3word challenges into a one long story, or maybe a series of short stories with a common thread.


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