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I don’t mind promoting a good cause or a small business or entrepreneurial venture that I believe provides a good service.  A good friend and karate training partner, Dru Ubben, has a great site that helps encourage young authors and writers by giving them a place to share their works of fan-fiction.  They are embarking on a growth campaign and I want to promote their site and the campaign.  There are two ways to support them if you choose to do so.  First is to use their Amazon affiliate link (click here),  or find it on their website. so they get a smidge of the profit from anything you want to buy on Amazon.  The second, after you have checked out the site and decide you really like it, is to support them with a direct donation via Go Fund Me (click here)

I promise I will not promote something that I don’t support personally and believe in  whole-heartedly.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about promoting things like this.  Please leave a comment below.

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