New Blogger Thoughts and a Challenge

It’s been a bit over a month and I wanted to step back and think about what has happened.  The biggest thing, which would cause my English teachers from high school to faint in utter disbelief, is that I have written something (however brief) every day for a month.  Some of it was even coherent :-).  It’s kind of like running, which I don’t like and do as little as possible, once you get past that first point of pain, it’s not that bad.  So writing everyday has not really been that hard.  Making time to write everyday … well somethings that’s a challenge.  And speaking of challenges, I want to give a shout to Dave at just1more for his 3word challenge and Suzy81speaks for her #SundayBlogShare.  Both of these bloggers and the events they sponser have helped me keep on track by challenging me to write and introducing me to new and interesting blogs.

If you are just getting started, my advice would be to find some blogs you like and get involved.  Read the posts, but most importantly, COMMENT (yes I shouted, cuz it’s that important)  Liking is always nice and appreciated, but comments show involvement, that the blogger connected on some level.  Comments also show up in search engine linkbacks.  I’ve read that is important so that people searching for what you are delivering can find it easier.  There are whole sites dedicated to social media development.  I would say, don’t spend your money right away.  You can learn a lot on your own reading blogs, e-books and simply just taking action and seeing what works.  More on this next week 🙂

Do you have a tip, suggestion, hint or favorite site for blogging, writing, or social media?  I’d love to see it commented below.  Oh and your challenge is to comment on at least one blog today or at least this week!

7 thoughts on “New Blogger Thoughts and a Challenge

  1. Sabina

    Commenting is the best way to communicate and form a connection with people! I’m generally pretty good about commenting when I have something to say, but sometimes I just don’t–so I give it a “like” if I enjoyed it.

  2. john flanagan

    Sometimes i ‘like’ and sometimes i comment and sometimes do both – it very much depends on what i’m reading or viewing.
    i very much like what you have to say here.
    Best to You

  3. chocolatepages

    You are absolutely right, I appreciate likes on my posts, but much prefer comments. Its shows someone has really read what you’ve written and I love the engagement.
    Great post.

  4. lizsmithtrailingspouse

    As I enjoyed your post, I am duly commenting to let you know that this is the case rather than lazily hitting the like button! Taking the time to read and comment on blogs would be my tip too.

  5. knottymarie

    Excellent advice. I hadnt heard of the 3 word challenge, but I’ve been a big fan of #Sundayblogshare for the past month. Other twitter parties to get involved in: #MondayBlogs and #ArchiveDay There are more, but I’ll share that info in my facebook group. – for those interested. I’m also a fan of the 30 & 31 day challenges. The more you write, the better writer you become.


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