Could it be?

Continuing the 3words xmas 3/25 challenge

Today’s 3words are: TINSEL, GRINCH, HO HO HO.

Keeping the inner Scrooge and the Grinch at bay. Maybe it’s time for a break from all the dust, memories and boxes.  I head out the door and down the street. Taking in all the festive decorations.  Strolling past a few shops that look to busy, I stop at a book store.  Wandering aimlessly, I bump into a large bearded gentlemen.  He turns, hands me a book.  “You should read this,”  he says as he turns and walks out the door.  I could swear I hear him say, “Ho ho ho” as he rounds the corner. I look at the book.  It’s an out of print copy of “Tinsel” by Hank Stuever.  I need another eggnog.

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