Monday Blog Challenge-Encouragement

A duel challenge presents itself today. My first challenge is I that I’m using my iPad to blog this challenge. 🙂 The second challenge is yours. I wrote a brief article about commenting and other new blogger thoughts.. That got me to thinking, it is good to stretch one’s comfort zone. If you are comfortable commenting on blogs, that is #AWEsome, your challenge is to find a blog that you disagree with and post a reasonable and rational comment on why you disagree. If you aren’t comfortable commenting, then find a blog and post a meaningful reason why you liked it or how it touched you.
Why? Your comment might be the only encouragement that blogger has today to blog again. So if you enjoy a blog, comment!!

7 thoughts on “Monday Blog Challenge-Encouragement

  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Always. In fact, several months into blogging I had to give myself permission not to leave a comment. I decided that it was only appropriate for me to leave a comment if it was genuine. And that’s what I do – only genuine comments – either agreeing or disagreeing!

  2. Adam Dreece

    You bring up a great point. A lot of us will smile, nod, maybe look for a Like button or a Favorite, but to actually comment, to make the definite mark, is a challenge.

  3. accidentallyreflective

    I always comment if I really enjoy a blog – can’t help myself! The problem is when I’m not on my mac and logged in to WP and I happen to read a blog via my email on my phone. I have to then remember to comment on the post when I next log in. Sometimes I forget : /

  4. shawn

    I like it. Great for reading and also writing (dictating) short posts. You can view site stats, read and approve comments, etc. I still like a keyboard for longer articles and editing.


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