A Needed Break

Continuing the 3words xmas 3/25 challenge

Today’s 3words are: GINGERBREAD, FROSTY, COLLY (as in bird)

I wander out of the bookstore, across the frosty street and into a nice warm coffee shop.  The air is filled with coffee, peppermint and gingerbread. I approach the counter and order and eggnog latte with an extra shot. After a few sips, I start feeling a bit better about everything. As I sit watching the people scurry by in the cold, a lone colly bird lands on the windowsill and looks at me. I pike up a crust that someone dropped and walk outside.  The bird keeps a wary eye on me. A quick toss and the bird pounces on the crust and flys away.  That was a much-needed break.

Image from Denise Broussard’s Blog


2 thoughts on “A Needed Break

    1. shawn

      Thanks Dave. Me too! It’s interesting trying to write a story a few bits at a time. Thanks for the 3Word challenge!


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