I’ll Have To Make One

Continuing the 3words xmas 3/25 challenge

Today’s 3words are: Chocolates, Marshmallows, Mince (as in pies)

Somewhat refreshed, I meander back toward the house to face the task at hand. The snow along the way looks like marshmallow creme spread across the countryside.  Back through the garage to get another box and drag it into the living room. To my surprise, a box of chocolates is at the top.  I open it, only to find empty wrappers. I start to throw it away but catch a glimpse of writing on the bottom.  It’s my grandmother’s recipe for mince meat pie. That brings back some great memories.  I’ll have to make one.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Have To Make One

    1. shawn

      Thanks! I really enjoy a good mince meat pie, there are many different recipes and occassionally you can find a good restaurant that will have it.


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