It Will Soon Be Pie!

Continuing the 3words xmas 3/25 challenge

Today’s 3words are: Naughty, Pantomime, Pine.

Along the way, the wind picks up even more.  The light behind the pines makes a naughty pantomime with the shadows on the snow. I’ve sorted through boxes too much and it’s going to my head. I push on against the wind with the remembered taste and smell of mince meat pie driving me along. I go through the garage and past the boxes.  Firing up the oven to the recommended temperature, laying out all the ingredients and getting the necessary tools, I am ready to back. Everything gets mixed and poured in the cheater crust (Grandma would faint) Popped into the oven, it will soon be pie.


5 thoughts on “It Will Soon Be Pie!

    1. shawn

      Hi Janice, I have seen several. This 3word challenge and the ultimate blog challenge that is done once a quarter. I have not participated in one that has a prize but expect that would do well


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