Monday Blog Challenge-Find a WWII Vet

Your challenge this week is to find a World War 2 veteran of any service or country and thank them for their service and if you want a real challenge, get a story or two from them. I have found most of them reluctant to share those stories except with their comrades. Perhaps it is because they don’t wish to relive those events with anyone that can only nod and listen, but not really understand because they were not there. Perhaps, the greatest generation was not so stoic when they went off to war, but became that way out of necessity. Or maybe they think to spare us of the many emotions and sensibilities that war offends.

My dad’s story is from the Pacific Theater aboard the USS Pennsylvania, BB-38. I would be truly honored if you do manage to find a story or two, for you to place a link to your story in the comments below.

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