One Can Only Hope

Continuing the 3words xmas challenge (17/25)

Today’s 3words are: Advent, Polar, Manger.

Setting the churn in corner out-of-the-way, I decide to get back to work on the boxes. Dragging another one from the garage to the fireplace, I open it and start rummaging. Aha! It’s the missing Joseph from the manger scene. I place him on the mantel in his accustomed place. I flip on the telly for a bit a noise and hear the weatherman proclaiming the advent of another polar vortex. Great, I was just starting to get warm. Maybe they would be wrong again.  One can only hope.

6 thoughts on “One Can Only Hope

  1. sheldonk2014

    I’m awake now, I had had a long day yesterday, I love manger, they are a reminder of where we came from in the most simple way. With all the complexities around us this is exactly what we need


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