An Orphan’s Wishes

Continuing the 3words xmas challenge (18/25)

Today’s 3words are: Frankincense, Shepherd, Wishes.

Back to the box at hand, I dig out a stray shepherd and a wise man, both smelling oddly of frankincense. I’m a bit puzzled because they don’t belong to the set on the mantle. I shrug and add them any way.  The bloke on the telly is chattering about how the orphans won’t have their Christmas wishes because donations were poor this year. I wonder if I can give any of the boxes toys that are still in the garage. I pick up the phone and line is dead. I forget that it’s been off for a few months. I’ll run down to the orphanage tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “An Orphan’s Wishes

  1. Dave

    He’s a man on a mission. Actually, I can’t recall/think if he’s seeking something specific, simply sorting, or reminiscing… 🙂


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