Does It Matter?

See The Whiteboard Pig’s blog for a good list that points out it’s not just a “black thing.”  This affects everyone of every race. Some will point to the number of arrests made without incident and I will agree, being a math guy, that the number deaths per arrest is very very small.  But let me ask, “If that very very small percent is you or someone you know, does it matter?”

A fun list of ways to be killed by the cops.

3 thoughts on “Does It Matter?

  1. saradiehl

    Love your perspective on this. All the way through. With a nice touch of humor… for an issue that just isn’t funny or well understood, I believe. Well done!

    1. shawn

      Thank you very much! I always try to look at most things lightly, but not flippantly. I’m glad you liked it.


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