Goodbye Mom

Continuing the 3words xmas challenge (25/25)

Today’s 3words are:  Miracle, Past, Present

This was the first restful night in a while. A true miracle. Reminiscing about the past few days bring a wry smile to my face. It’s been a chore going through all the boxes, made all the harder for the need to do it. Grandma’s been gone for many years, but the memories are still strong. Now, Mom is gone. The dawning light is bright on the freshly fallen snow. An almost blinding wake up that pulls me back to the present. It’s a beautiful day. One that makes me smile, but with a tear in my eye. and say, “Goodbye mom.”

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Mom

      1. Shannon

        My papa passed away two years ago in October and mom is old too and I know that one day…and that one day comes for everyone. We can never feel what another person feels but we all have to go through these things. Blessings for you and your family in our short journey in these shells, before we go to where there are no more shadows <3


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