My Favorite Author

Who is yours? Before I get into who is my favorite author, I hope that after reading this you will leave a comment about who is your favorite and more importantly why.

 There are a number of great authors that I enjoy reading. Many of them any Sci Fi fan will recognize, Clarke, Niven, Silverberg, Pohl, Bradbury, Heinlein, Herbert and others. I really look forward to finding new authors and books as well. One example is Wesley Chu and The Lives of Tao. Chu is an incredibly talented and thought-provoking writer. But I have to say that Issac Asimov is my favorite author. Why? He is the first author that I really got lost in the world he was writing about with his Foundation Trilogy. I just could not put the books down. The characters, the worlds, the science, the descriptions were so vivid for me. I was there. Maybe if had read Tolkien and the Hobbit, or Clarke and The Sentinel, first I would have a different favorite. 

Who is yours? and more importantly, please share why they are your favorite.

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Author

  1. nikkif181

    I love to read Raymond E Feist. I love magic and fantasy and the journey that the characters go on. Not only the physical journey, but the mental one.
    I equally love to read Edgar Rice Burroughs, the romance, the adventure, the fantasy and most importantly the fair maiden or princess saved by the honest hero.

    1. shawn

      I lime Feist as well. I guess im a bit of a romantic. I like to see the lady rescued by her knight in ahong armor. And Feist does that well.

  2. Ruebi @ LHB

    Stephen King is probably my favourite author as he was the first writer to fully capture my attention (I was hooked after “Misery”)…Once I have one of his books I have to read it, there is no “I’ll read it next”. That said, my favourite book is by David Thewlis (just wish he’d write more!).

  3. Gene'O

    Tolkien, because that is the first fantasy that really grabbed me. My mother read The Hobbit to me when I was too young to read it for myself.

    Still the best fantasy, IMO, but I am also a fan of Leiber, Zelazny and Gaiman. I don’t do much sci-fi, but enjoy Aasimov, Heinlen, and PK Dick. I also like lots of stuff that would probably be categorized as pulp, like Dragonlance and Theives’ World.

    King is good, and I enjoy Feist. I am also a fan of Terry Brooks’ Running with the Demon/Knight of the Word/Angel Fire East trilogy. I don’t like a lot of Brooks’ work, but those are some of the best stories I have ever read.

    And I can’t be done until I mention the awesomeness of Terry Pratchett. I will eventually get around to blogging some of his books, but not until. I am done with the Tolkien.

    Thanks for that tweet!


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