To Resolve or Not To Resolve

This Week’s Monday Challenge is to resolve or not. Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Why or Why not? I made 1 resolution during college that I have kept ever since. That was to make no more New Year’s Resolutions. That doesn’t mean I don’t take stock of what went on the previous year and make plans for the new year, I just don’t jump in the hype that surrounds the calling it a “resolution.” To me it makes more sense if I make plans and adjust as necessary. I’m not a big hype person. I think that a few people may be helped by calling their plan or goal a resolution, but if you don’t put a plan in place, it may just end up on the resolution junk heap.

So what are your resolutions or plans or do you just wing it?

7 thoughts on “To Resolve or Not To Resolve

  1. onehundredtwentythreedays

    I make annual resolutions and generally keep them. I start thinking about goals for the new year ahead by about October. I write down my goals/resolutions and create a chart or other way to track my progress. They are realistic, measurable and things that make me feel good. I am still thinking about my goals for 2015. One is to continue the savings plan I started in 2014 to pay down student loans. I have one aggravating loan that is now down to $2,900 and costing me 3.7% every month – this one I hope to knock out completely by 2016 (car payoff is targeted for July 2015). I am using my blog to help me track these goals this year. Happy New Year.

    1. shawn

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I’m excited to hear that someone is planning and reducing debt. Do you have any favorite debt reduction stories or tips that you have shared? I would be happy to reblog your favorite one or two. A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you!

  2. Sabina

    Junior year of high school I realized I had a problem with sometimes not reading the assigned texts in English class, so I resolved to actually read everything that was assigned for the whole year. I succeeded, which reflected well on my grade and my anxiety levels in that class, and made the same resolution again the next year with almost the same amount of success. In college I find a lot of the assigned reading is unnecessary, so I use it as supplemental material if I don’t understand something (or if it truly is necessary, which sometimes it is).
    In 2014 my resolution was to “try blogging” and that went amazingly well, but I don’t really have any resolutions for 2015.

    1. shawn

      Thanks for sharing! Reading is always a good thing 🙂 Best of luck in the new year for your school. Hope you get great professors!


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