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Having trouble organizing?


Here is blog #4 of To Do List Tuesdays #ToDoListTuesday!  I love Evernote! When I first tried it I wasn’t so sure. Now that I’ve gotten used to using it , I can’t do without it. I can use it from phone, my iPad, my computer at home, my computer at work, at the library, literally anywhere I can get internet access. The company has added collaboration features too, but I haven’t tried them out yet. You can organize your thoughts, notes and papers by notebook. The guys from Mythbusters use it to help them organize their projects.

  • This blog has a notebook
    • note page for goals
    • content schedule
    • random blog ideas
  • Books that I am writing have their own notebook
    • Book outline
    • Research material
    • writing (this lets me access my writing from anywhere I can get internet)
  • Each of my kids has a notebook
  • There is a folder for taxes (you can scan documents and save them)
  • You can add spreadsheets and other documents to a notebook too!
  • Generic notebook for random stuff. Sometimes a note will become another notebook.

How you organize it is up to you, but Evernote is a great tool to help. Here is a link to their features. There are many tools out there for organizing and collecting information. Evernote is my favorite. What is yours?

I will respond to your comments eventually…This is a scheduled post while I am on holiday.


Where are you?

Well here we are and the year is nearly 1/12 complete. Time is flying away. Where are you? Have you made progress on your goals, resolutions, plans? Have you at least taken one step toward one improvement for the year? I am inching closer to getting a guest blogger scheduled. There are a couple of blogs where we have both reblogged each others articles and may decide to do a guest appearance. I have continued to grow my Twitter audience, but that has started to slow down and Facebook continues creep ever so slowly along with about 77 likes as of this writing. One of the things I struggle with is keeping up with the volume of email I get from Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. I really need to change some the settings to cut the volume, but still get the things I think are important. I would love any suggestions here.

Where are you? Leave a thought or two about things that are going well or maybe something you would like help or advice with pursing. I am far from an expert in many things, but I am happy to share what I have learned.

Please leave your thoughts. I will apologize in advance for not answering your comments right away as we are on vacation and away from internet service much of the time.