Did you take the challenge?

Did you take the Monday Morning Challenge? How are you doing? Did you pick one thing you want to do, one thing to improve, one bad habit to change to good habit? Don’t think I’m going to let you off the hook. I visited my dad last weekend and he is doing okay. He’s frustrated that he can’t get around like he used to do. He loves hiking and taking pictures and being outdoors. He doesn’t look his almost 92 years. Most people guess that he’s in his 70’s. But he’s not, so I try to visit when I can and get him out of the house.

So back to you. Did you take the challenge? If so, please leave a comment or link to your blog where you wrote about what you are doing. If not, how about a comment about why not? I know there are thousands of excuse, maybe even a few valid ones.

Did you take the challenge?

6 thoughts on “Did you take the challenge?

  1. John Griffith

    Glad Uncle Claude is home and doing better, he called last night and spoke to mom


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