Saving Money-That’s not a goal

Thoughtful Thursday 2015-1

As mentioned in a couple of other posts, I really do not make New Year’s resolutions. I do however like to set goals and review how I’m doing periodically. I don’t obsess about it. I try to objectively look at what I wrote down (yes Virginia you have to write them down) and measure how far I have come toward the goal. An example might be saving money. To say that I simply want to save money is not a goal. I need an amount. Let’s say my goal  is $2000 in an emergency fund. That’s a start, but it’s still not a goal. A goal has date also. So I look at my budget (WHAT? You don’t have a budget? Get one. Now.) I see that I can put $100 a paycheck in the account by using $85 from my leftover money and reducing the number of lattes I buy to three. Now then I take this info and think, I get paid every 2 weeks so that’s about $200/month so I should set my target to October. I can track it easily now by comparing the goal $2000 in the account by the end of October to what I have in it.  Remember when it comes to money, you have two ways to put more in your pocket: Make more or spend less.

Understanding a few simple things about goals will help you make better goals and will help you to meet them. Yes, it takes some effort, but isn’t your future worth a bit of effort? Go forth and achieve! Have an #AWEsome New Year. That’s not a goal, just a nice thought. Your job is to make it a goal. 🙂

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      Absolutely. I thought about toasing that ine in but thought it might make a seperate post. Thanks for deopping by.


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