Just Do It-Grandma Style

Long before Nike used the phrase, “Just Do It” as a marketing slogan, my grandma used it. She was kind and generous, but she had severe osteoarthritis. And by severe, I mean she had big knots on her hands and feet. She had trouble bending her fingers and she had no cartilage in her knees. She sounded like and old wooden rocking chair every time she stood up. She never asked for pity or complained and always cooked and washed clothes for the family. She quilted, knitted and crocheted lots of really neat things. I asked her how she did everything and her reply was “I Just Do It.”

Anytime I find myself facing a task I don’t want to do or find myself procrastinating, I remember grandma and her situation. Did she complain? Did she quit? Did she put it off until tomorrow? No, she just did it. Do not let obstacles stop you. Do not let your situation deter you. Do not let people delay you. Whatever IT is, Just Do It.

7 thoughts on “Just Do It-Grandma Style

  1. John Griffith

    Your are right Shawn grandma was a Tough old gal and they don”t make them like that any more !


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