Mid-Winter Checklist


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Are you a home-owner or a renter? There are a few things you should check around your home before Spring arrives. Here are a few home owner tips:

  • Gutters – Are they clean? Do they leak?
  • Air Filters depending on the type should be changed or cleaned monthly.
  • Trees or shrubs? prune them now before they bud.
  • Spring Landscaping? Get bids now during the off-season.
  • Basement or crawl space-check for water
  • Summer Remodeling? Plan it now and start getting bids.

Are you an apartment dweller or renter? A few things you might consider are:

  • De-clutter – go through closets and collect unused/unneeded items. Donate them or sell them on Craig’s list or E-Bay (always take reasonable precautions)
  • Do you have a storage unit that you rent? Same thing, clean it out and move to a smaller unit or do away with it all together.
  • Check your own air filters. The landlord should change them, but don’t count on it. If it’s dirty, your heating unit will not work as well. Ask for a clean one.
  • Check your windows for air leaks. Ask the landlord to fix it or buy a tube of cheap caulk and do it yourself.

These are not comprehensive lists, but will get you started.  Have an #AWEsome day.  Please feel free to share your favorite home/apartment tips and tricks below.

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