We ALL need The Village

Often when I find an interesting or moving article, I will tell you that it’s worth your time to read it and reblog it or Press it.  Well this one is a must read. It speaks to all of us about all of us. We ALL need The Village.

Thanks to Gene’O for pointing to it. You can check out his great idea here.

7 thoughts on “We ALL need The Village

  1. lrconsiderer

    Thank you very, very much for sharing this project and my piece. This is awesome of you to do – I hope you’re part of the 1000 Voices group – see you there, if so 🙂

      1. lrconsiderer

        It will be on Feb 20th. There’s a facebook group which will keep you abreast of everything. We just settled on the hashtag #1000Speak

        1. shawn

          #AWEsome thanks! I’ll be back from vacation before then and will definitely participate. I just put it on my content schedule.

  2. Gene'O

    Hey Shawn! Thank you so much for blogging this. I see LR already filled you in on the date, so have a great trip, and be sure to let me know when you get back 🙂 And if you happen to get on Twitter on some mobile device or whatever while you are away, take a look at #1000Speak 😀


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