Are you ready for a vacation/holiday?

Are you ready for a vacation/holiday?

I know I am. So is my lovely wife. We look forward to our adventure with great anticipation. We will be heading out for a bit and will be in and out of touch with that devious invention known as the internet. I have already scheduled some posts through the use of WordPress auto-magic 🙂 So do not fear that I have left you without your daily dose of thoughts, wisdom (questionable as it is) and photos. I will eventually respond to your queries and comments, just a bit slower than usual. I plan to come back with a whole host of stories and photos that will eventually find their way into the blog-o-sphere. In the meantime have an #AWEsome time enjoying the auto-magic Down Home Thoughts. Thank you for stopping by and taking a thought. Don’t forget to leave one before you go!

Please check out the #1000Speak challenge  to speak out about compassion.

This post will stay pinned to the front page whilst we are away.

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