Take Charge of Your Health

Here is blog #4 of To Do List Tuesdays #ToDoListTuesday! Don’t ignore the warning signs. Below are a few things to think about for your health:

  • Annual physical.
  • Dental Checkup. (every 6 months)
  • Eye exam. (every two years if no issues)
  • Cholesterol test. (every 3 years or more often if advised by your physician)
  • Mammogram.
  • Prostate Exam.

When you are preparing for your visit, think honestly about any issues you have had and discuss them with your health care provider. This is not a comprehensive list, but will get you started.  It’s your health! You are responsible. Have an #AWEsome day.  Please feel free to add to the list below.

2 thoughts on “Take Charge of Your Health

  1. Middlemay Farm

    I think people should be allowed to climb the rocks and die–as long as the family doesn’t sue. 🙂 I hope we will never be fined for not eating healthy!


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