Where are you?

Well here we are and the year is nearly 1/12 complete. Time is flying away. Where are you? Have you made progress on your goals, resolutions, plans? Have you at least taken one step toward one improvement for the year? I am inching closer to getting a guest blogger scheduled. There are a couple of blogs where we have both reblogged each others articles and may decide to do a guest appearance. I have continued to grow my Twitter audience, but that has started to slow down and Facebook continues creep ever so slowly along with about 77 likes as of this writing. One of the things I struggle with is keeping up with the volume of email I get from Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. I really need to change some the settings to cut the volume, but still get the things I think are important. I would love any suggestions here.

Where are you? Leave a thought or two about things that are going well or maybe something you would like help or advice with pursing. I am far from an expert in many things, but I am happy to share what I have learned.

Please leave your thoughts. I will apologize in advance for not answering your comments right away as we are on vacation and away from internet service much of the time.

6 thoughts on “Where are you?

  1. Ana

    My progress is slow too. The good thing I noticed is that if I put a bit of effort in it there are results. (my goal is to interact more with other people who share the passion for writing, and to increase the reach of my writing – not to world domination proportions, just to have a few people who would read my content)

  2. Charles Yallowitz

    Made progress, but now it’s hitting one of the many chaotic points in the year. So I have my fingers crossed that I can keep making progress with my writing goals. Honestly, I’m trying to remain neutral for this year. Either I reach all of my goals or they carry over to 2016. Fingers crossed for the former.

    Good luck with your goals. Facebook seems to have really died down ever since they changed their system. At least for me, it’s become a rather useless promotional tool.

  3. Diana Quartey

    I decided to have one major goal this year which was weekly posting on my blog. It’s part of a much bigger goal encompassing studying personal development and human motivating and speaking on an international stage.

    So far I have posted each week for January but it has by no means been easy as I work from home and look after my 2 young children. February will be the real test of my commitment to this goal.


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