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Here is blog #4 of To Do List Tuesdays #ToDoListTuesday!  I love Evernote! When I first tried it I wasn’t so sure. Now that I’ve gotten used to using it , I can’t do without it. I can use it from phone, my iPad, my computer at home, my computer at work, at the library, literally anywhere I can get internet access. The company has added collaboration features too, but I haven’t tried them out yet. You can organize your thoughts, notes and papers by notebook. The guys from Mythbusters use it to help them organize their projects.

  • This blog has a notebook
    • note page for goals
    • content schedule
    • random blog ideas
  • Books that I am writing have their own notebook
    • Book outline
    • Research material
    • writing (this lets me access my writing from anywhere I can get internet)
  • Each of my kids has a notebook
  • There is a folder for taxes (you can scan documents and save them)
  • You can add spreadsheets and other documents to a notebook too!
  • Generic notebook for random stuff. Sometimes a note will become another notebook.

How you organize it is up to you, but Evernote is a great tool to help. Here is a link to their features. There are many tools out there for organizing and collecting information. Evernote is my favorite. What is yours?

I will respond to your comments eventually…This is a scheduled post while I am on holiday.


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