Are you doomed to repeat?

Today’s Groundhog Day Challenge

It's groundhog day!

It’s groundhog day!

Are you doomed to repeat the past? Do you have a part of your life that always seems to repeat…repeat…repeat…no matter what you do? Something that is stuck and not moving forward? Stop, look, listen, feel what is going on around you. There will be hints on what to do if only you take time to look for them and heed them. If there no areas of your life that seem like this, that is #AWEsome. If there are and it seems hopeless, it’s not. Our challenge this week is to look at our lives, relationships, jobs, etc. to see if there are parts that seem “stuck”  Just name it for now, that is half the battle.  Do you have your own personal Groundhog Day?

Please leave your thoughts. I will apologize in advance for not answering your comments right away as we are on vacation and away from internet service much of the time.

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