Weekend Coffee

Need your weekend Coffee! Stop and share! So, if we were sitting down to chat over a cup of coffee, I would most certainly be sharing about our recent trip through the Panama Canal and the different countries we visited.  I would be talking about the books that I am writing. One is non-fiction based on things I’ve learned from grandmother and the other is science fiction. At some point I will begin publishing excerpts from each, but I’m not there yet. I really want to have the books finished before I start the sharing, reviewing and editing process.  Of course anyone that has thoughts or advice on this is more than welcome to chime in. I would also share that we are starting to look for a place to put down roots for retirement. While we aren’t quite ready to retire yet, we are looking and want to try out several places before we actually buy a house and call it home and yes there is a blog article about this whole process in the works.  Well, ok it’s really just in my head for now, but it will eventually make it to print. Well, I’ve sucked down my one cup of coffee that I allow myself.  Time to get back a few other Valentine’s day activities. Have an #AWEsome weekend.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee

  1. Gene'O

    You have an awesome weekend, too! 🙂

    I would love to see the Panama Canal, and congrats on your projects. Can’t wait for the excerpts!

  2. Corina

    At any given point, I have about five blog posts in my head, so I get it! Have a great week and happy Valentine’s day to you and yours!


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