Monday Challenge – What do you want?

It’s a simple question. It could be applied to something as inconsequential as breakfast or as weighty as life.  What do you want? Context is important. If it’s breakfast, I might answer eggs, bacon and a nice warm home-made biscuit with molasses. For the more weighty contexts like work, life, etc. I want to pause a bit and think for these should not be answered lightly or flippantly. Your answer is important. How you answer it is just as important. Today’s Monday Challenge is only going to ask you to think about the answer to the questions,”What do you want?” “Where are you going?” Just the exercise of thinking about these questions is important. I don’t need to know the answer, but you do. If you want to share, I am always happy to read your comments and will hopefully have an appropriate word of encouragement or support in return. If not, that too is fine. I only ask that you thoughtfully consider the question and ruminate upon your answer.

One thought on “Monday Challenge – What do you want?

  1. rustygarnersmith

    That’s the great philosophical question. I want world peace. When I get back home in Wa. I want running water, and internet service. I am an American and I want whatever I can get.


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