What is Character?

Simply it is the experiences you have had in life AND how you dealt with them. To me it means a moral strength to do what is right even if there is no one around to see. It is helping someone that cannot do anything for you in return. It’s part compassion, part action, part common sense. It’s all the things my grandmother taught me.

What does it mean to you?

10 thoughts on “What is Character?

  1. rustygarnersmith

    Thanks Shawn, that question only becomes more important to me, as I was reflecting on a post very much like this, only much more wordy. I enjoy stomping around your word garden.

  2. Bare Naked in Public

    I always tell my students that you reveal your character by the actions you take when no one is looking. AND that your character cannot be revealed until it is challenged. If you make a mistake, your character is again revealed by how you remedy the situation. 🙂

  3. Ellen Hawley

    Funny you should ask. When I was a kid, character was something adults went on about and we rolled our eyes at. Now, though? Character is everything we are. .

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