Monday Challenge – Got Character?

Yes, I’m continuing with a theme. It’s a rhetorical question. We all have character. Weak or strong, good or bad, usually a mix of things, we have character. There are many famous quotes about character,character traits, testing character, etc. I want to discuss your character. Is it what you want? I know that my character is fairly strong and mostly “good” whatever that means. I think good character to most people means doing the right thing even if it means personal loss, no recognition, even public ridicule. That’s not easy. I think my character could be stronger. Unfortunately, we really don’t know our own or others character until it has been tested. We think we know what our reaction will be in a given set of circumstances, but until it happens to us personally, few people can say with certainty, exactly how they will respond. My challenge this week is for you to look at your own character. See if you can find one thing to improve. I want to focus on my commitment, both to myself and others. Am I doing what I said I am going to do?

I know that my character is not perfect. I just hope that it’s good enough if I am ever tested. What about you? Got character?

8 thoughts on “Monday Challenge – Got Character?

  1. hannahabell1013

    Commitment is a good one to work on….Everybody can improve at that to some level. I’ll have to think about it….but it’s a good thing to think about. Thanks! 🙂

  2. rustygarnersmith

    Hey Shawn, I think my character is tested constantly. We all stand by our convictions and offer to fight the bullies or save the fair maidens. If we were raised properly, our character comes through daily.

    1. shawn

      Thanks sharing Rusty. That is true. Our character is tested daily in small ways. It sounds like you were brought up with expectations and examples of good character!

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