Monday Challenge – Spring Edition

#GotCharacter?  It’s that time of year in the States. The snow is starting to melt, Small signs of a coming spring are starting to emerge. And of course the Tax Man is starting to tickle the edge of your thoughts. Haunting you at night. Stalking you during the day. Beginning that relentless beating known as Tax Season (which thanks to all the politicians is damn near all year-long.) Do you have all the right forms? Do have the required documentation for every penny?  Ah the unmitigated joy of it all it. If your sarcasm detector has not gone off yet, you need to get it calibrated.

Speaking of calibration, do you cheat on your taxes? Does your character allow you “fudge” the numbers? If that is the case, you might want to consider working on strengthening your character. Make the commitment to understand what you can legally deduct. As my CPA is fond of asking, “Do you know the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion?”  It’s about 20 years in federal prison.  Tax avoidance is the legal reduction in taxes. Tax evasion?  Go look up Al Capone.  Seriously thought, we should expect everyone to pay their fair share, just like we should expect everyone to carry their own weight by supporting themselves and their family. We should expect that families, neighbors, churches and businesses should do the “right things” and have the strength of character to change when they are not.

Our challenge this week is to find the character to not cheat on our taxes AND to expect other to do the same. Expect government officials to use your money wisely and efficiently.  Have high expectations and be nice, but vocal about it. Have an #AWEsome week.

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