To Do List Tuesday-Tax Edition

Here is the next issue of To Do List Tuesdays #ToDoListTuesday!

Are you completely organized? All your necessary tax documents and receipts filed neatly in a folder by date? Me either. Fortunately my lovely wife is an organized individual . She is also a whiz at Turbo Tax. But if you are more like me, fear not.

  • Get a big accordion folder or a small file box.
  • Find every scrap of paper with numbers on it (just the tax related stuff) Put it in the folder.
  • Find a competent tax professional (not your bother-in-law)
  • Make an appointment to go see them.
  • Keep the appointment. This is their busy time.

if you haven’t scheduled yet, it may be too late. Or if you want to learn a few things and save a few bucks. You could:

  • Go online to Turbotax
  • Sign-up for the free option
  • Use the “guide me through this” option

Okay, it’s rarely that simple, but it can be easier, if you start now for next year. Look at how much you have taken out for taxes today.  Start a new Turbotax file to estimate how much you would owe for the year. You might need to do a little creative math to come up with some estimates, but remember, it’s just estimates. My personal goal is try to have my taxes be  plus or minus $100.  But if you don’t look at it a least once during the year, you are in for nasty surprise. No one likes those. Have an #AWEsome day.

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    1. shawn

      Sadly that is how the government controls them and their vote. Give’em all a handout so they vote for the gang that gives them the handouts.


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