Book Review – Necromancer Awakening

I rarely give a 5 star, but I think this story is deserving. Nat Russo has taken a theme and twisted and molded it into a really great story. If you are looking for the zombie apocalypse, this ain’t it. If you are looking for hours of good solid reading entertainment that will make you review what is good and what is evil, what is life and what is death, then this is your book.I enjoyed the main character, Nicolas and the struggles that faced. I won’t give any spoilers, but I will say the story has several really good twists and enjoyed them all.

The story opens in a typical apartment building with the main character, Nicolas, having some nausea issues. A bit later in the book, we find out why when he gets ripped from this plane of existence and pulled into another.  This new world is not at all like the city he just left. There are many dangers, including himself. He meets friends and foes alike along the way and undergoes many changes and experiences. The story is a good versus evil fantasy, but it has some new twists that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am really looking forward to future books by Nat Russo.

You can read more reviews and info about the book on Amazon.

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