Guest Blog Mania #GotCharacter

Ok, maybe not mania, but it is the second opportunity that I’ve had to guest blog and inflict my thoughts on a new group of unsuspecting readers. 🙂 Checkout my guest blog on Seumas Gallacher’s site  The first was on Harsh Reality. Both of these bloggers, Seumas and Jason, better know as the Opinionated Man, show good character and I think things like this should be pointed out. So, I’m pointing it out.  Thank you both for being open, honest and caring enough to share your valued readers with other bloggers. You have #GotCharacter!

3 thoughts on “Guest Blog Mania #GotCharacter

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    1. shawn

      Thanks for dropping by and yes it was awesome. One of my goals was to guest blog somewhere. Thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the great opinions.


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