Stuck Duck, I’m tired of snow.

Yes it’s snowing again! Schools, businesses, entire cities shutting down. I’m not even in Boston. If you are near there, you have my most heartfelt condolences. If only the Sox could set records like the weather is doing, it might make it bearable.

Snow, snow go away,

and don’t come back. (Yes, I mangled the old rhyme.)

Snow on the Roanoke River

Snow on the Roanoke River

Aruba and Belize are looking better and better. Grandma and Grandpa would just hunker down, throw some more coal in the furnace and eat what ever had been canned and stored in the root cellar. They lived a simple life. Although Grandma was mighty pleased when the kids (my dad and aunts and uncles) showed up and plumbed the house. No more out-house!

Still, I’m done with snow, ice, sleet and cold for a while.  I don’t even want to see a slushee. Be careful and stay warm out there.


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