Travel Theme: Environment

Stumbling around the blog-o-sphere one can run across many interesting sites. One of those is Where’s my backpack and they host a Travel Theme photo challenge.  So I thought I would throw a couple of mine in see what people think.  Oh and thanks to Cee at Cee’s Photography blog for participating. That’s how I found it.  Cee hosts several really cool challenges. If like interesting photo’s drop by and visit her.

With the theme, environment, I chose a few of my shots that show what environment means to me.  I selected the butterfly below to remind us that the environment is made up of many small fragile things.


Butterfly munching

The ice shrouded roses remind us that the weather aspect of environment can be very capricious at times. One should always be conscious of the weather.

Frozen roses

Frozen roses

And the waterfall to remind us of the importance of water. Without it all life as we know it on earth would cease. It is paramount that we keep it clean and respect it.



5 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Environment

  1. John W. Howell

    Thank you, Shawn for following my blog. The picture of the frozen roses is quite a shot. Makes one sad to see the poor dears suffer in the cold.


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