To Do List Tuesday-Self Improvement Edition

Here is the next issue of To Do List Tuesdays #ToDoListTuesday!

Albert Einstein discovered that for every one negative stimulus that the brain receives, we need 11 positive stimuli to overcome the one negative

Based on Dr. Einstein’s observations, let’s get to work on increasing the positive stimuli. We have discussed good character. I wrote about an idea that I have to foster character awareness.  We have determined that character can be improved no matter how good we think it is. So where do go from here? Make a list of your best character traits. Next to each one, write one attribute that you think you could improve upon and how you plan to do it. For example here are a couple of mine.

Good Traits      Improvement
Friendliness       Meet new people, say hi to a stranger in safe setting.
Willpower           Stay away from the donuts and bagels that people keep bringing to the office.

Let’s do the same thing for those traits that are not our top 10.

Traits to improve    Improvement
Patience                      I will keep silent in the presence of inattentive drivers.
Judgmental                 I will allow the speaker to finish and not interrupt.

Pick one from either list and improve it for 30-60 days.

On day 1, get up, look at your list and write out a statement about which trait you want to improve and how. Then read your statement out loud “I am improving my today by .” For example, I might say “I am improving by patience today by remaining silent in the presence of inattentive drivers when I drive.” Carry the statement with you. Make a copy and put it on your mirror. Put one up on your desk at work. Whatever it takes so that you see it and read it. Be aware of your interactions with others and how they might perceive your actions and words. Ask a trusted friend for help in monitoring your progress. Read the statement out loud before you go to bed at night. Do this at least 11 times throughout the day.

Day 2, do it again. Repeat until someone comments that you seem nicer, kinder, more patient or what ever describes the trait you are improving.  This might be 2-3 weeks or it may take longer. Some of our habits and mannerisms will difficult to change. This is why good character takes work. You can’t make it better in one day. It has to be a bit everyday. Every decision we make.


Have an #AWEsome day. Go forth and improve!

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