A-to-Z 2015 Introduction and Theme Reveal (almost)

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I signed up to blog almost every day in April. If you are not familiar with the A-to-Z blogging challenge, you can check out more info here. My general topic will be revealed on March 23rd. You can see more about that and what bloggers are involved here.

This will be my first major blogging challenge. I’m both dreading it and looking forward to it. I’m #380 on the sign up linky and #115 on the topic reveal linky 🙂  I’m excited to think that I will be able to find and read many new blogs  every day!  If you are like I was originally, you might want to seek the wisdom of those that have participated in earlier years.  Gene over at Just Gene’O and Sourcerer, had a great piece talking about his experiences on Just Gene’O It’s worth your time to drop by and read it.

As I read more about the A-to-Z Challenge and the team of people supporting and hosting it, I get more excited. I understand that joining in as a participant seems a bit intimidating, but I’ve found the blogging community to be very forgiving. Drop by, sign up and give it a try. If writing everyday for a month isn’t your thing, then drop by as often as you can give us a read.  Here is the schedule.

A to Z Challenge [Letter Schedule] [2015]

A to Z Challenge [Letter Schedule] [2015]

2 thoughts on “A-to-Z 2015 Introduction and Theme Reveal (almost)

  1. Gene'O

    Boggers are very forgiving, Yes! And thank you for the links.

    Also, I hope you have a plan for this, because it is late, and even though I seem to be all over the internet, all the time, I am a thrice-a-week blogger at best right now.

    I am gong to add you to the twitter list now. And do call on me if you have troubles or questions at any point.


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