Throw back Thursday – I have an idea #GotCharacter

Do you have some examples of good character that you want to share? Things that you see that make you feel good?  Tweet or blog about it and use the #GotCharacter hashtag  Spread the word! If you find someone doing something that indicates their character might be lacking, then by all means point it out, but do it privately.  I believe that we can all improve our character and that will in turn improve the world in which we live.

This is a summary of some of the articles that I wrote about character or some aspect of character like compassion. I have an idea. I refer to my brain as the cloud sometimes. If you are in IT, not that kind of cloud. This more like the whirling morass just before the aircraft carrier gets sucked back in time or maybe the super cell in one the apocalyptic weather movies. A giant spinning mass that is not really under control but yet has some semblance of order to it. Occasionally things will drop out of the cloud into the queue for my conscious mind to chew upon. One of these was about character.  I feel compelled to identify, encourage and recognize good character in our society today.  Hence some of the posts this week.

Compassion I learned from Grandma

Monday Challenge-Got Character

To Do List Tuesday-Got Character

I want to promote good character. Not just personally, but for those I influence by being around them, for those I meet, for those of you that I influence because you read what I write (yes both of you 😉 and for everyone else in the world! As Seamus might say, “‘Tis not a wee undertaking there young lad.” I agree. I need help. Specifically I need the help of everyone in the world. I believe if we can get everyone to understand what is good character and to encourage those around to develop good character, that is start toward world peace. More importantly, I think we should all expect everyone to behave with good character and when they don’t we need to understand how we can positively encourage them to improve their character. I am perfect? Not even close. I am aware of both my good character traits as well as those that need work and that is start.

I know that I can be a better listener so that I understand the issues at hand better. I can be more alert and vocal about demonstrations of bad character. For example, if I see someone littering, I can say, “Here, let me take that and dispose of it properly for you.”  I need your help. Leave a comment with answers to any of these questions:

What does good character look like to you?

Why is having good character important?

What do you do to improve your own character?

How would your efforts affect your relationships with others?

Are you drawn to those who show good character?

How do you measure it?

What if they fall short?

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