7 Uncommon uses for Alka-seltzer

I thought I would play with making an infographic. Here is my first one that was created magic.piktochart.com.  It’s free to sign-up and easy to use. I get nothing from them if you sign-up, but that would be nice 🙂  Let me know what you think.  Like it. Hate it. Utterly confused. Want more. Well you get the idea, use the comments below and the social media  buttons below to share with your friends. As always, thanks for stopping by. Click on the infographic and zoom in to read the smaller print.

7 uncommon uses for Alka-seltzer

7 uncommon uses for Alka-seltzer

2 thoughts on “7 Uncommon uses for Alka-seltzer

  1. mbarkersimpson

    I really like it. I’m going to go over and have a play, just because you piqued my curiosity and I’m having a lazy day so have time on my hands 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


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