Weekend Coffee Share the Love

I’m combining two posts today, #WeekendCoffeeShare and Share the Love that my friend over at Sliver Threading invited me to do. It is challenge to write 10 four word sentences about love.

If we were sharing coffee, I would tell you about this challenge and probably a bit about my week. I would suggest that you might want to give it a try.  I would say that I have cut back on coffee a lot over the years.  I used to drink almost a gallon a day when I was in the Navy. Now, I only drink about 1 medium cup a day.  (Grande for all our Starbucks addicts 🙂  Have a greate weekend.  Here are my entries.

  1. Two hearts become one.
  2. Share and share alike.
  3. Lips meet, fireworks fly.
  4. Love is two caring.
  5. Doing for your mate.
  6. Time together, shared memories.
  7. Gives space when needed.
  8. Gives all, asks nothing.
  9. Takes nothing for granted.
  10. Longing for one another.

I would love to see your thoughts on this challenge. Jump in and give it a try.

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