Monday Challenge – Checkup from the Neck up

#GotCharacter?  Yeah, it’s an ongoing theme here lately.  I’ve been working on improving mine and challenging you of the blog-O-sphere to do likewise. I’m not implying that any of us have bad character, just that we all have areas that could use improvement. I worked on patience last week and will continue this week. 🙂 I only yelled at 4 drivers last week.  A marked improvement by the way.  There are several things I do not tolerate well. Stupid behavior and Inattentive drivers. I suppose I could argue that an inattentive driver is both and probably why it sets me off so much. I’m looking forward to more improvement this week.  Just going into the week being mindful of improving really made me notice just how often I want to yell at other drivers on the road.

So what about you? Your challenge this week is to post a comment about something you have improved. If you blog, write an article and post a link here in the comments. I would love to see how others are doing in our quest to improve.  And remember if you see an act demonstrating good character, tweet about it with the hash-tag #GotCharacter.  Thanks and have an #AWEsome week, you deserve it.

4 thoughts on “Monday Challenge – Checkup from the Neck up

    1. shawn

      That is true. Character is always a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to share with your friends!


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