Know your alphabet A to Z?

It’s getting close!

The A-to-Z Challenge is coming soon. Here is a little more detail on the bits of wisdom my Grandma managed to pass along to me. I would like to ask for your thoughts on my A-to-Z articles when they publish. This is my first year to enter the fracas know as the A-to-Z challenge. Let me know  what  you like, what you  dont’, thoughts for improvement. Have a great day.

A – Affirmation 
B – Biscuits
C – Cheerful
D – Duty 
E – Everybody
F – Friends
G – Gratitude
H – Howdy 
I – Intolerance
J – Judgement
K – Knowledge
L – Learning 
M – Money
N – Neighbors
O – Optimism
P – Passion
Q – Quiet
R – Right
S – Service
T – Temperance
U – Unselfish
V – Visit
W – Will
X – Xplore 
Y – You
Z – Zacariah
I hope that are able to find a thought or two that you want to keep and I would love you to leave a thought or two. I don’t know everything, and can always learn more. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

23 thoughts on “Know your alphabet A to Z?

  1. NotAPunkRocker

    Is it wrong that I looked for “gravy” at G when I saw “biscuits” at B?

    Great list, this looks like it is going to be a wonderful series! 😀

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  3. Sarah Brentyn

    Great topics. I don’t think I could blog every single day (even for a month). I’m not even going to try. So many are doing this challenge, though. Kudos!

    1. shawn

      I did several a day to get ready. All the posts are written and scheduled. It’s not hard just requires a little planning

  4. Joy

    Looking forward to your posts…I’m encouraged to see you’ve scheduled all of yours already! I’m doing the challenge as well, but I am not nearly that together.

  5. luckyjc007

    A great idea having an A to Z..there are so many things to write about it’s difficult to just stay with one subject matter. Looking foreward to your posts. I would love to write every day, but time doesn’t permit that for me right now. I wish everyone the Best!

    1. shawn

      I try to write everyday, but some days I just can’t work it in. I wrote all my posts in advance and scheduled them to post on the appointed day 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  6. shawn

    Heh, I understand. I have the same problem as well as thoughts leaking out my elbow before they make it to my fingers 😛

  7. christinavarga

    I love this theme! What a great way to both participate in the challenge, while preserving these sentimental and meaningful bits of wisdom she passed along to you! Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    1. shawn

      Thanks! I’m also writing a book and hope to capture at least some of her wisdom to pass along. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.


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