What’s going on?

If we were having coffee,  First I would have to babble excitedly about Down Home Thoughts nominated for the Creative Blogger Award.  This is the blog’s first award!  I’m glad it happened before the April A-to-Z Challenge and during it.  The April A-to-Z Challenge kicks off next week on April 1st. Did I mention I signed up for that?  You can read my topics here.  What was I thinking? 🙂  I would also tell you that I’ve still been working on my patience this week while driving. My goal is to reduce or eliminate my yelling at other drivers.  This week was better than last, but still have room for improvement.

I would ask if you have any fun projects or plans in the works and then I would tell you about my books. The book promoting character still needs a good name. The first draft is under review.  Any way, the character book is coming along nicely.  The second book is a work of science fiction.  I have a very rough story outline, some name ideas and maybe a chapter written on it. There is no deadline as of yet.  My plan here is to test chapters and characters in an occasional post on Down Home Thoughts or maybe on a writing blog somewhere. Not really sure. What do you think?

Well I’ve finished my coffee and I need to get back to my lovely wife and enjoy the rest of our weekend.  I hope that you have a pleasant and thoughtful weekend.

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23 thoughts on “What’s going on?

        1. shawn

          For the sci-fi book, the main character is a downs syndrome boy around 13-15 years old. I was thinking of using the name Erroyl. He is very open, honest and friendly.

        2. shawn

          He has a friend, but I don’t have a description yet, but will probably be a geeky kid. The main character lives with his aunt, uncle and 2 cousins. None of which I have descriptions for but will be mostly minor characters, I think.

        3. shawn

          Cool, I like that. Are they from African languages or something else? I don’t recognize any of them.

        4. married2arod

          The last one was Native American, I think one was Icelandic….maybe another Greek…I wasn’t looking at origin just meaning.

        5. shawn

          I studied Gasan Ryu Kenpo which translated as Moon Mountain Style, but somethings things have multiple meanings, especially in Japanese and Chinese. Just the pronunciation or emphasis on a syllable can change the meaning of the word.

  1. Alex Hurst

    Sounds like a good week. If you plan to self-publish, posting here would be fun and fine, but if you plan to try and send it to any publishers, I would suggest you refrain… posting here means the loss of first time rights!

    No big plans this week. Vacation has started. Trying to get caught up on blogs before April 1st madness begins. 🙂


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